Warrington Quiz League Notification

As I am sure you are all aware, the UK is in the midst of a Covid-19 infection. As a result of this there have been discussions going on, as to how we should react to the current situation, which is still evolving. There are only two Warrington-only based events to consider, the Warrington Mimir finals and the Presentation and Finals night. As things stand at present it is the intention, because of the relatively small number of people involved, to proceed with the Individual Finals at the Bulls Head on Tuesday. However we are aware that the situation is constantly evolving, and given the fact that Cliff and I will both be attending the MQL Council meeting on Sunday, we will take the opportunity to discuss and make a final decision whether or not to go ahead with the competition. If we decide not to proceed with the individual competition then we will not proceed with the Presentation and Finals night the following week. We are fully aware of the demographic of the league and what this entails to the members of the league and the concerns of the individual members of the league.
    If the Individual competition does go ahead then a final decision about the Presentation and Finals night will be taken at this competition, as several WQL council members will be present. Any subsequent dates for rearrangement of these events, if necessary, will be decided at a later date as the situation becomes clearer.
    As mentioned above there is a scheduled MQL council meeting this Sunday. I have requested that, due to the exceptional circumstances, the MQL General Secretary, puts this to the top of the agenda. Any decisions arising from this will be circulated to members of the league as soon as it is practical to do so.